Welcome to
Utah Fits All!

Welcome to Utah Fits All, a campaign committed to ensuring every Utah child finds the education that fits them.

In many families, there’s that one child that just doesn’t fit in his or her school. As a parent, you see their potential, but the school where your other children flourish just isn’t working for this one.

You see, when you’re

educating a child,

one-size doesn’t fit all.

But what if one-size didn’t have to fit all?

What if every child could access the school that worked best for her?

What if families were empowered to use tax dollars designated for their child to give their child an education that fits their needs?

Enter the Utah Fits All Scholarship!

It’s for every child,
in every zip-code,
from every financial background,
with every learning style.


Because Utah Fits All. And everyone should fit in Utah. It’s who we are. We’re a welcoming, opportunity-rich state where anyone can come, grow, and thrive. The Utah Fits All Scholarship is Utah’s step towards making this state the place every family aspires to.